Access Housing


Database-driven Website Project 

by David Martin
Web Developer & Programmer, Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, Australia

Updateable by Staff

Updates to the website needed to be made by staff of Access Housing. They needed a simple way to add new property information and pictures, tag a "featured property", and mark properties as sold.

Database Driven

A database was chosen as the most efficient way to control the display of property information.


Microsoft active server pages (ASP) and Access database running on  Internet Information Server.

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Microsoft FrontPage 2000

David Martin is a Web developer and programmer based in the Lower Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia.
He is seeking work, following the completion of this contract.

Web developer, Web programmer, ASP programming, Intranet development, VB Script, FrontPage
Web development, Web programming, ASP programmer, Intranet developer, VB Script, FrontPage
Active Server Pages, database, database driven Web sites