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Glossary of Terms

Web Pages and Web Sites
Acronym Term Definition
  Web page A document on the World Wide Web.
  Website A set of linked web pages belonging to a business, organisation, individual, etc.
  Static web page Content is always the same, unless edited. Eg: this page.
  Dynamic web page Content changes according to certain rules or conditions.
  Interactive web page Content responds to input from visitor.
  Database-driven website Web pages are assembled on-the-fly by drawing information from an online database. Dynamic, and may be interactive.
ASP Active Server Pages Page content is the result of calculations, database queries, or other processes carried out on the Web server.
  Online database A database stored online (on an Internet server) to function in a database-driven website.
Under the Hood:  The Engine
IIS MS Internet Information Server Connects websites to the World Wide Web.
MS Microsoft A Seattle software business.
Win2k    Windows 2000 Professional Professional version of MS Windows operating system. Essentially Windows NT 5.0.
  Access Microsoft Office database module.
  FrontPage Microsoft Office website development module.
ASP.Net "ASP-dot-net" Microsoft's new, much hyped, gee-whiz solution to the world's problems. Originally ASP 4.0.
Further Under the Hood:  Cog-Wheels and Pulleys
HTML HyperText Markup Language Primary language for writing web pages.
VB-Script Visual Basic scripting language Subset of the Visual Basic language, for programming ASP pages.
SQL Structured Query Language Language for querying databases. May be used in ASP pages.
Jet SQL   Version of SQL used by MS Access.
ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity A standard for accessing data, from a variety of database applications.
OLE-DB Object Linking & Embedding - DataBase More powerful & more generic successor to ODBC.
ADO ActiveX Data Objects Interface between OLE-DB and the Web browser.
CDO Collaborative Data Objects Sending e-mails from ASP web pages is a popular use for CDO.
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