Outline of Web Development Project for Skilled Communications 
by David Martin

Telstra Project Information Site



I have developed an online database web site for Skilled Communications, a division of Skilled Engineering.

The Skilled Communications corporation provides skilled contract labour, throughout Australia, to major clients within the telecommunications industry.

The feature of the site is a secure (authorised access only) section where Telstra management and call centre staff can obtain reports on the current status of projects being carried out by Skilled Communications for Telstra.

Active server pages are employed to query on-line ODBC data files. 

Local Direct were called in to carry out a makeover of the site's public areas by a graphic designer.

Experiments have been conducted into ways in which Skilled may make greater use of Web technology in the future.

Project supervisor was Vince Mifsud, former IT Coordinator, Communications Division.
Ph: 0418-537-737, E-mail: matrix01@tpg.com.au 


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