ASP Programming 

For LocalDirect, by David Martin

LocalDirect is a Web development company based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. They hire me, as needed, for freelance work.

ASP Development

The development of ASP-based modules, which are then offered to their customers as website enhancements. 

In addition to developing and testing the modules, the work includes adding them in to LocalDirect customer's web sites as required.  

Tools in Use

Microsoft FrontPage, VB-Script, ASP (Active Server Pages)

Ron Brewster, Manager, LocalDirect.  E-mail:  
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David Martin is a Web developer and programmer based in the Lower Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia.

Web developer, Web programmer, ASP programming, VB Script, FrontPage
Web development, Web programming, ASP programmer, VBScript, FrontPage
Active Server Pages, database, database driven Web sites