Websites need to be findable and usable. 

Search Engines

Search Engine Watch 
All about search engines.

Website Usability 

Usable Web 
"Usable Web is a collection of 1427 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web."
"Alertbox column, Web usability, usability engineering, and Jakob's minimalist approach to Web quality; good sites/books about design; Jakob's biography"


Sometimes websites need bells and whistles

Developers Resources 

"DevX is the leading provider of technical information, tools and services for IT professionals developing corporate applications."
"Award-winning web developers' resource: over 3000 pages of quick reference guides, tutorials, knowledge base articles, Ask DevGuru, useful products."
"The world's largest index site for web developers"



ASP 101 
News, samples, forum, resources, articles, lessons, links.
15 Seconds 
"The 15 Seconds web site is a free resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet Solutions."
ASP Free 
4 Guys from Rolla 
Learn ASP 
Lessons, forums, links
ASP Objects
"ASP Objects offers ASP applications, scripts, components, ASP.Net, articles, tutorials, object, and Windows Scripting Components for Active Server Pages environment."
ASP WebRing
Lots of ASP-related sites.
VB-Script Reference guide 
Microsoft's ASP.Net site 
For beginner, intermediate & advanced users.
Microsoft's VBscript reference 
Pick VBscript and Documentation on the left.  You can also download a copy to install on your own machine -- recommended!
DevGuru's VBScript reference 
Simple and easy to use.  DevGuru also has downloadable versions.
DevGuru's Jet SQL Reference 
Simple and easy to use.  DevGuru also has downloadable versions.
Sydney .NET User's Group 


Microsoft FrontPage

FrontPage World
Microsoft Download Centre
Get the latest add-ons, etc.