ASP* Devices for Web Sites

Notice Boards Quickly & easily updated via the web, these are great for frequently changing information, such as weekly specials, seasonal promotions & special events. Update from an internet cafe in Timbucktu!. 
Examples: Basic demo   
E-mail Form-based or event-driven e-mail. Optional attachments, Cc, Bcc. For example, system may send you an alert e-mail when a certain event occurs.
SMS Form-based or event-driven SMS messages (to mobile phones).
Item Lists List products or services with option to sort by different fields. For example, sort by name, category or features; list only items in given category. 
Database driven.
* ASP Active Server Pages employ mini programs which run on the web server. These enable your web pages to perform active tasks, as opposed to passively displaying the same material at all times.

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