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News: Spot the Teddies Challenge winners 2019

Teddy Bears Day Out 'Spot the Teddies Challenge'. 

Twenty Teddies of varying shapes, sizes and colours were 'hidden' in different locations around the Museum (some harder to find than others!). The first five best entries received (as judged by the Museum's publicity department) were from:

  1. Mace family, Woodford
  2. Christie family, Winmalee
  3. Oliveros family, Blacktown
  4. Sukkar family, Penrith
  5. Mestre family, Lugarno

The five clever winners have been notified by phone and email and a family pass to the Museum (currently valued at $45) is on the way to each of them.

Photos of the Bears in their locations are revealed below:



1 BrownLargeBehind downpipe near front door to shop
2 GoldLargeAbove mirror backed display cabinet in shop
3 Gold TinyWith cattle in large black wagon in Model Room
4 CreamTinyNear reservoir in VH Depot 1950s model layout
5 CreamTinyTop of direction sign pole near courtyard
6 GoldSmallAbove smokebox at front of Steam Tram
7 WhiteSmallOn grab handle on side of Steam Tram
8 WhiteMediumIn branch of frangipani shrub near grey loco wheels
9 Beige TinyIn tube at smokebox end of grey boiler
10 WhiteLargeSitting inside carriage end door of stainless steel carriage ETB 6039
11 BrownSmallOn lamp bracket of stainless steel carriage ETB 6039
12 BrownHugeOn seat in ‘Caves Express’ carriage RBR 1049
13 BrownLargeTop of ladder at western end of milk wagon MRC 2719
14 Gold MediumPeeping out of coal bunker steam loco No 2
15 White LargeInside cab diesel loco X206
16 GoldSmallBehind mesh grid in cab steam loco 5461
17 BlackSmallBehind compressor on side of steam loco 5461
18 GoldLargeIn cab of electric loco 4601
19 WhiteTinyInside platform scales mechanism outside Small Exhibits Building
20 GoldMediumBehind red 2 wheel trolley in Small Exhibits Building