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News: Wacky 'Witch' Hunt 2018

The competition

First prize: Three children’s story books valued at $40.
2nd prize: Doctor Who© backpack;
3rd prize: Dinosaur Jigsaw

The competition was spot the ten model 'witches' around the Museum.

Descriptions and locations of the 'witches'

These were the witch descriptions and locations

  1. DESCRIPTION Large with blue hat;
    LOCATION Near clock on wall in model room
  2. DESCRIPTION Pale face/hands, with sun/moon head scarf;
    LOCATION Behind signal box on 1950s layout
  3. DESCRIPTION Big nose, with grey sparkly cloak;
    LOCATION Hanging from luggage rack in ‘Graves’ Express carriage
  4. DESCRIPTION Red/black cape, with basket;
    LOCATION Top of ladder on MRC milk van
  5. DESCRIPTION Pale blue sun/moon cape with blue hat;
    LOCATION Behind metal stays at front of Steam Tram 103A
  6. DESCRIPTION Black/white chequered skirt, reddish happy face;
    LOCATION Bottom shelf of glass cabinet in ‘Fish & Chips’ room
  7. DESCRIPTION Plastic, with yellow broom head, green face & orange hair;
    LOCATION Side of ‘P’ class steam locomotive 3214
  8. DESCRIPTION Bright red skirt;
    LOCATION Hanging in cab of ‘TF’ class steam locomotive 5461
  9. DESCRIPTION Black cape over blue pantaloons, carrying pumpkin;
    LOCATION On ledge in red ‘phone box
  10. We regret to advise that witch #10 was broken before the event started and was withdrawn

Prize winners

First prize: K. Newkirk (Three children's story books valued at $40)

2nd: M. Grogan  (Dinosaur jigsaw) 

3rd: M. A. Daniels (Doctor Who backpack) 

Winner K. Newkirk wrote:

"We had a wonderful day and are so grateful to the volunteers who dedicate their time and knowledge to the Valley Heights Locomotive Heritage Museum. Their passion for trains is infectious and very much appreciated by all of our family."