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News: Spot the Teddies Challenge winners 2018

Many thanks to all our visitors who took part in the Spot the Teddies challenge at our Teddy Bears' Day Out on Sunday 20 May.

It was obvious that many families enjoyed the opportunity to test their observational skills on the day. Many teddies were easy to find, some more tricky, but in the judges' opinion, the entrants listed below fulfilled the conditions of the challenge and were rewarded with a prize.

Family passes to the Museum are being sent to the following:

  • R Ryder – Concord
  • M A Daniels – Guildford
  • N Miller – Richmond
  • A Stanislas – Raby

The Museum's volunteers (and our teddies!) send their congratulations to these families and look forward to seeing them again.

The 'correct' answers and teddy locations are revealed in the answers to the Spot the Teddies challenge.