News: Museum closure for major works

The Museum reluctantly advise that due to the commencement of major works starting from Monday 12th February 2018 the Museum will be CLOSED to the Public until Sunday 25th March 2018.

Our scheduled Public Open Days that were to be held on Sunday 25th February & Sunday 11th March have been CANCELLED.

The major works are necessary for the safety of our workers, visitors and the general public. 

The project will deliver three key long-term benefits.

  • Reduce the risk of injuries as a result of trip and falls. 
  • Improve and increase accessibility for those who have mobility constrains and people confined to wheel chairs and those pushing prams.
  • Increased undercover storage for historic rail exhibits by re-instating rail access from the turntable where the rails are currently missing. 

The works will see the Roundhouse Forecourt restored involving:

  • The removal of the existing asphalt surface, which has now failed after 40 years of service life.
  • The lifting of the current rails and sleepers that extends from the turntable into the Roundhouse. 
  • New sleepers will be re-laid to replace the existing sleepers that have deteriorated to the point where the rail lines are sinking beneath the surface of the asphalt resulting in a serious trip hazard for our workers and visitors. 
  • Once the new sleepers are in place the rail access from the turntable will be restored back to the Roundhouse and a new concrete surface will be laid. The concrete will be coloured and textured to match the existing asphalt surface. 

The pictures attached to this post will give you an idea of the current hazardous condition of the Forecourt surface.

Bull ring 1 Bull ring 2 Bull ring 3
Photos: Andrew Tester

At this point in time, the work is scheduled to be completed on the 9th March (subject to weather). However, as the new concrete surface will not be ready to support the weight of vehicle movements and there will be some cleaning up work required to re-establish our displays, the Museum will not be ready to re-open on the 11th March. 

Please be patient with us while we have this essential work completed. Updates will be posted throughout the works program to keep our loyal followers informed.

The end result will be a much better and safer Museum for everyone. Thank you for your support.