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The Depot
No 114 — July 2016
New displays in the Museum shop
New displays in the Museum shop
(Photo: Keith Ward)

In this edition

1.   National volunteers week
2.   Special events
3.   Car Club Visits
4.   Visitors to the Valley
5.   Large exhibits
6.   Model railway
7.   Infrastructure
8.   Snippets from behind the scenes
9.   Museum Shop
10. Health and Safety
11. Cooking with steam
12. Membership Report
13. Publicity
14. Future Happenings
Interesting times
As we roll on into mid-2016 we enter interesting times. As I write, we have dramas playing out on political fronts on several continents and financial unrest has unsettled many commentators.

It’s pleasing to know that the uncertainty doesn’t extend to Valley Heights as our position is quite sound, and as you will hear at our November AGM (see note elsewhere) your Museum’s financial management during the year just ended has been exemplary. With a sustained increase in visitor numbers from a variety of sources and a close watch on expenditure, the Museum is currently a picture of health.
Don’t forget, there are plenty of opportunities for you to put yourself in that very picture! Just a few hours per month of volunteer assistance is greatly appreciated and will help the Museum’s future remain sound. With or without trade skills, your input is valuable – you’ll make new friends and feel more part of the process. YOUR ROUNDHOUSE NEEDS YOU!!!

Please contact our helpful Membership Officer, Jeff Russell, on (02) 4751 2471 without delay.

Keith Ward, Publicity Manager VHLDHM
1. National volunteers week
National Volunteers Week was marked by a members and volunteers day at the Museum on Saturday 14 May.

Expertly compered by Jeff Russell, the event attracted several new members and a large turnout was on hand to see Life and Honorary Life Membership badges and certificates awarded.

The audience listened appreciatively to an overview speech from Chairman Bruce Coxon and patiently to some personal insights from Keith Ward, before the announcement of the possibility of tours to Valley Heights over the next few months.

The lunch arranged by Bruce and delivered by Terry Matchett was fell upon by the eager attendees and devoured in quick time.
Bruce Coxon presents to Neil Cram
Bruce Coxon presents to Neil Cram
Bruce Coxon presents to DIck Butcher
Bruce Coxon presents to DIck Butcher
Ted Dickson presents to Hazel and Col Burne
Ted Dickson presents to Hazel and Col Burne
Ted Dickson presents to Ray Beharrell
Ted Dickson presents to Ray Beharrell
Ted Dickson presents to Steve Corrigan
Ted Dickson presents to Steve Corrigan
Ted Mullett presents to Betty and Bob Matthew
Ted Mullett presents to Betty and Bob Matthew
Ted Mullett presents to Terry and Trish Matchett
Ted Mullett presents to Terry and Trish Matchett
Andrew Tester presents to Roslyn Reynolds
Andrew Tester presents to Roslyn Reynolds
 Andrew Tester presents to Ross Stenning
Andrew Tester presents to Ross Stenning
Photos: Peter Butler
2. Special events

Blue Mountains History Conference

Accompanied by Ted Dickson, Keith Ward presented a 10 minute talk about our RBR at the Blue Mountains History Conference arranged by BMACHO (Blue Mountains Association of Cultural and History Organisations) at Mt Victoria on Saturday 7 May.

With input from Ted, and member Rod Hawkes, we were able to vividly demonstrate the link between our “Caves Express” carriage, Mt Victoria and Jenolan Caves.

An interested audience of about 40 delegates also enjoyed informative sessions presented by a variety of knowledgeable speakers, as well as tasty catering by our hosts, the Victoria & Albert Guesthouse.

Ted and Keith ran a “trade table” at the conference with items from the shop kindly prepared by Steve Corrigan, and we persuaded a few attendees to part with some dollars!
Photo: VH Stand at Blue Mountains History Conference
VH Stand at Blue Mountains History Conference (Photo: Keith Ward)

Teddy Bears day out

Sunday 22 May dawned bright and clear, heralding the welcome return of our “Teddy Bears Day Out”.

The running of the “Teddy Bear Express” again proved a great hit, with (most) children keen to send their favourite stuffed animal off on a secret adventure! Kids also enjoyed our jumping castle and a packet of “Gummi Bears” on departure.

The name boards skilfully created by Steve Dive were again put to good use on the Tram.

Exposure on various websites and Andrew Tester’s Facebook “buzz” about the event unfortunately wasn’t enough to deliver higher numbers than last year but we had good support from other bodies like BMACHO, Glenbrook Visitor Centre and Loftus Tram Museum in promoting the day!

We will see the event on next year’s calendar.
 Teddy Bears at DLE office
Teddy Bears riding the tram
Photos: Keith Ward

Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail

A special Open Day as part of the Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail fell on Saturday 2 July. Despite fine weather, our visitor numbers were lower than on previous similar openings.

We propose to again suggest to the umbrella organisation, BMACHO, that these four extra open days should move to Sunday as we’re convinced that would be better for us.

Time for Trains

The Museum’s volunteers thoroughly enjoyed hosting the visit by members of The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, on our regular Open Day of July 10.

A fascinating talk about railway clocks was held by president, Doug Minty (who also services our Seth Thomas railway clock) with many interested members, and the general public in attendance.

The talk included the newly released documentary “Running on Time” created for Sydney Trains that features interviews with Doug, among others. It was a great day for those who were looking for ways to pass the time. Members who didn’t attend will get a ticking off in the near future. :-)

It was also the middle Sunday of the school holidays, and this interesting presentation, plus the clearing weather, all contributed to a well above average day.

Once again, Serge and Adrian’s famous sausage sandwiches (see item 11. Cooking with Steam) sold out and extra supplies were urgently arranged, with thanks to member Barry Grundy.

For those who couldn’t make it, the 15 minute video is now available to view at:
and a transcript plus the full report are on the same webpage. The video will be available to view or download from YouTube in a few weeks’ time.
The assembled crowd in the Roundhouse
Photo: Keith Ward
Still image from the video
Still image from the video
Photo: Sydney Trains
Photos: Keith Ward
3. Car Club Visits

Chrysler Restorers Club

The Museum’s regular Open Day on 24 April included a visit by the Chrysler Restorers Club.

Complimentary Anzac biscuits were served in recognition of the importance of the following day. In view of the expected boost to visitor numbers, we had organised additional sandwiches kindly made by Jean Grundy as well as the Tester, Stock, Russell, Connelly and Ward households, and their contribution was greatly appreciated.

The colourful array of cars in the front of the roundhouse was a great photo opportunity for their owners, our members and the general public!
Photo 1: 2016_04_24 depot chrysler day
Photo 3: 2016_04_24 depot chrysler day
Photo 2: 2016_04_24 depot chrysler day
Photo 4: 2016_04_24 depot chrysler day

MG Restorers Association

Members of the MG Restorers Association arrived at the Museum on Sunday 12 June to swell the numbers at our regular Open Day.

14 cars and over 30 extra visitors arrived on site well before 1000 to enjoy a crisp but sunny welcome to Valley Heights. Guided tours were conducted by members Ian Heather and Keith Ward, and an extension tour of the ash pit and Carriage Shed was held after lunch.

The cars looked terrific against the backdrop of the roundhouse.

Some MG owners were persuaded to part with their cash in exchange for dog spike whistles! This unique item is now on sale in the shop and is a great gift or souvenir made on site by volunteer Michael Jessop.
Dog spike whistle hjand crafted on site: $15 each or 3 for $40
MG Restorers Association visit #1
MG Restorers Association visit #2
MG Restorers Association visit (Photos: Keith Ward)

Austin A40 Car Club and Hudson AMC Club

Our regular Open Day of Sunday 26 June was the occasion of the visit of TWO car clubs.

21 members of the Austin A40 Car Club arrived with their 6 distinctive cars that were displayed in front of the roundhouse.

They were joined by 10 cars and 19 members from the Hudson AMC Club which provided the opportunity for lovers of big American cars to indulge their particular passion.

Morning teas were eagerly devoured by both groups and guided tours followed, expertly led by Ted Dickson and Keith Ward.

A tram ride was followed by lunch and optional extended tours of the ash pit, 5711 and the Carriageworks.
Austin A40 Car Club visit
Austin A40 Car Club visit
 Hudson AMC Car Club visit
Hudson AMC Car Club visit


Mid-week events, although needing extra planning and volunteer support, are always welcome. Valley Heights is the perfect site for special interest groups and attractive rates can be negotiated for birthday parties, wedding photography, film shoots, and so on. Please contact Keith Ward at the Museum on (02) 4751 4638 (leave message) if you know anyone who might be interested.

4. Visitors to the Valley

Transport Heritage Board visit

The evening of Tuesday 26 April, saw the Museum host a meeting of the THNSW board. Several of our visitors were first-timers at Valley Heights, and time had been allowed for a short tour of some of the standout exhibits Our Chairman, Bruce Coxon, later made a passionate presentation of key elements of the Museum’s progress and future expectations that was well received.

Accessible living options visit

On Thursday 5 May we opened our doors to a group of frail aged and disabled visitors from the Bathurst/Oberon region. This was arranged by Accessible Living Options a non-for-profit body that specialises in care for less able people in the community. Although they were onsite for only two hours a busy program enabled them to enjoy many of the Museum’s exhibits and activities, with interesting guided tours conducted by Bruce Coxon, Keith Ward, Andrew Tester and Grant Robinson. Morning teas were arranged by Eileen Ward, while Jeff Russell was on hand to provide assistance in the morning. Thank you to all who helped either before, during or after this day to make the Museum a safe and enjoyable venue for this group. An experimental “smooth” path was laid (using rubber conveyor belting and carpet tiles!) on parts of the bullring to smooth the transit of our visitors, some of whom used walking frames. Although time consuming to set up, this seemed a suitable & practical temporary fix to the problem of our uneven surfaces.

Blacktown Historical Society

On Sunday 29 May, (not a regular Open Day) the Museum was pleased to host 25 members of the Blacktown Historical Society, arranged by author Pamela Smith (co-author of the book “Remembrance”), who some of you will have met when she spoke at the unveiling of our Honour Roll last year. Guided tours and afternoon (Devonshire) teas were included for our visitors and assistance from members of Springwood Historical Society, coordinated by volunteer Sue Fulton, in running the event was greatly appreciated.

Super Wednesday!

15 June was a big day for the Museum. Our special mid-week running day saw three very differing groups take advantage of fine weather. In the morning, a large group of the Rail, Tram & Bus Union Retired Employees Association (RTBUREA) arrived, mostly by train and was collected from the STARPS platform at Valley Heights by the Steam Tram. They enjoyed Devonshire teas in the café before dividing into four groups for guided tours, entertainingly conducted by Bruce Coxon, Ted Dickson, Ted Mullett and Andrew Tester. Members Dave Hunt and Chris Troy were also on hand to hone their skills. There was plenty of banter between the visiting railwayman and our guides with their many years of shared railway experiences.

Fifty children from the Redeemer Baptist School at North Parramatta also joined us for a traditional school excursion as we have hosted on many previous occasions. Accompanied by teachers, the children were all well behaved and we had wonderful feedback from the group, which was full of praise for the Tram Ride, tours and other activities. Our talent pool of guides was enlarged on this day, with member Glenn Hargrave adding his wealth of knowledge to one of the school tours, which were also led by Jeff Russell, Grant Robinson and Keith Ward.

At 1400 a small group from the Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society (KCHS) arrived by bus. After site induction and a Tram Ride, a guided tour was carried out by Keith Ward with Warwick Tafe alongside as a “trainee”. Devonshire teas in the café were also included in the package for this group and they departed, well satisfied at 1650. Special thanks to the members of STARPS for agreeing to operate the Tram and to Eileen Ward and Julie Tester for preparing the scones. Volunteers Ellen Anderson and Ed Manning were on hand throughout the day to assist with detailed discourses on our artwork collection and the MRC respectively. There were many others, unfortunately too numerous to mention, who also contributed to the success of the day and we thank them. Despite the complex arrangements required to host three overlapping groups on the one day, the Museum’s volunteers coped brilliantly and the event was generally well enjoyed by all concerned.
5. Large exhibits
The new team of volunteers Chris Troy and Dave Pedley, ably led by member Bob Creasy has nearly completed the paint job on our loco 3214, and it looks really great!

We now have the details of the lining of the locomotive including the NSWR logo for the sandboxes. Ted Dickson is getting a quote to make a transfer of this logo as it would be too expensive to sign write and once we have transfers we can use them in many locations.

If you haven’t seen this loco recently, come along and see its smiling face gazing toward the turntable!
Repainted 3214 without lining and numbers (9 July 2016)
Repainted 3214 without lining and numbers (9 July 2016) (Photo: Grant Robinson) 
3214 prior to repainting (1 August 2009)
3214 prior to repainting (1 August 2009) (Photo: Grant Robinson) 

4601 update

Work continued in tidying up the No. 1 end H.T. compartment, in particular, converting available interlock units and installing them in the relevant contactors. To date the following interlocks have been installed: J1, J2, J3, M3, M12, M14. This leaves LS3, G4 and possibly G5 to be replaced. At present we do not have any further usable interlock units available, however it is believed that there may be some units stowed in the loft (editor’s note – our Aladdin’s cave!)

During this work a number of discrepancies between the actual wiring and the documentation became apparent. These will be documented and will be incorporated into the 4601 technical restoration document.

The picture below shows the installation to date.

The “Train Simulator” project for 4601 is moving ahead, albeit at a slow and steady pace.

Appropriate wires relating to the regen brake handle have been identified to enable it to be used as a “pretend” air brake. Work has commenced on the next task, the manufacture of “production” (as opposed to prototype) power control and brake control interface boards. This requires fine soldering of around 40 components onto each of two circuit boards.
4601 installation to date
Photo: Steve Corrigan
Steve Corrigan

X206 update

THNSW Fleet Engineer Bruce Rankin has advised that we can proceed with converting the hydraulic controls of X206 to mechanical linkages but first we need approval of a “Change Management Plan” including an Engineering Plan plus a “Test and Commissioning Plan”. These are required for the Safety Regulator and our Per Way Manager John Stanley is working to prepare these documents.

Bruce Coxon

5711 update

Work will shortly resume on loco 5711’s tender following the purchase of materials and paint. We are assured that the tender repairs about to re-commence will be carried out with all due consideration to its feelings.


The diesel forklift has had a new alternator fitted and is working, however, the right hand power steering outer ball joint was loose. The ball joint had damage and the steering arm fitting for the ball joint had elongated. A new ball joint was purchased and the repairs completed.

The Museum’s road/rail unit “Mario” was out of service due to the fuel injector pump leaking diesel fuel into the lubricating oil sump. The pump was removed and sent to a repairer in Penrith. Due to the age and general wear and tear of the equipment, the fuel injectors will also be reconditioned at considerable expense.

Terry Matchett
6. Model railway
The Blue Mountains and Nepean Christian Model Railway Fellowship meets regularly at the Museum to carry out upgrades and maintenance on the two layouts (and some fun running their HO scale models).

The group was onsite in late April and discussed a suggestion re the viability of adding a “return loop” to the Valley Heights model. Using the tightest curves and moving the whole layout again into the eastern corner of the room, it was agreed that it was “just” possible. This will run along the back and right hand wall and would consist of trestles and a narrow baseboard with an upright wall along the front which would hide returning trains. It was also suggested that a small “fiddle” yard be included so that different trains could be brought round.

The whole thing will be very tight but it is felt that it could be done. Further measurements and ideas will be discussed at future model group meetings, with a drawing to follow.

Watch this space!

Ray Beharrell
HO scale model of Valley Heights in the early 1950s
Photo: Keith Ward
Model of original 'The Valley' station. (Photo: Grant Robinson)
7. Infrastructure

Civil Depot

As envisaged in DD113 our submission to RailCorp to obtain the Civil Depot has been sent to both RailCorp and Sydney Trains. The submission also included the shed that is on Blue Mountains City Council land. A further submission was sent to Council requesting the use of that building and they have proposed a site meeting with RailCorp to resolve this issue.

Bruce Coxon


Pest #1
Items in small exhibits room under attack
Pest #2

Possums in the roundhouse! The infestations are becoming serous with droppings along the floor and exhibits along the back wall. We issue a general request for long-term solutions.

Ted Dickson
8. Snippets from behind the scenes

New laptop computer

A laptop for cataloguing has been kindly donated by THNSW Thirlmere. It is now fully working and connecting to the Museum’s secure Wi-Fi network that was recently repaired by committee members Ross Stenning and Mike Pensini.


The cataloguing team led by historian Sue Fulton has been working in the Small Exhibits Store (behind the “Fish and Chips” room). This involved much cleaning and light and wind proofing work has been also done. Small modifications will need to be done to the shelves to allow safe storage and various types of archival storage are being researched and tried. Some useful storage cabinets have been bought for this area after some eagle-eyed shopping by member Julie Tester.

Brittle plans, maps and drawings have been carefully photographed by volunteer Rudi Glajcar. These will be added to our electronic catalogue.

Michael Pensini, Small Exhibits Curator’s Report
9. Museum Shop
With considerable input from Retail Manager, Steve Corrigan, the shop area has undergone some significant changes. Several of the existing display cabinets have been shuffled and the floor area has been opened up to help provide for our busy days. These changes have also made provision for the return of the dishwasher to the service area and allowed room for an extra freezer. Committee members Dave Grove and Mike Pensini have been on the job preparing for a new counter to fill the gap left by the glass showcase and a quote has been obtained for the “Formica” benchtop in a closely matching finish.

A previously unused corner of the shop has been plugged with a brand new modern upright display unit. This provides the chance to display some of our rarely seen artefacts from 20th century households and we propose to periodically rotate the selection. Thanks to past chairman Ted Mullett for the idea, and Mike Pensini and historian Sue Fulton for their co-operation.

Springwood Printing has restocked supplies of our book on the history of the Valley Heights Depot. This fascinating booklet continues to be a steady seller. Written by Harry Wright, it tells an insightful tale about the Depot’s 74 year working life, throughout its 30 pages. Priced at just $15 it’s a great way for members old and new, to learn about their “workplace”.
Look Inside Trains cover
Ticket dispenser
An interesting and useful addition to the shop has been a ticket dispenser (see picture). Thank you to volunteers Serge Sequen and Adrian Duffy respectively, for the idea and the skilful woodwork.

Steve Corrigan, Retail Manager
10. Health and Safety
The safety initiative of running a Shunting Course went well on Saturday 4 June for all Rail Safety Workers accredited by STARPS.

This is designed to minimise the risk of accidents occurring during this potentially dangerous activity as we now have many different types of coupling mechanisms on site.

This is a foretaste of the training that the Museum will undertake as the Museum’s exhibits and activities continue to expand!

Bruce Coxon
11. Cooking with steam
Sunday 26 June saw the first public airing of the large “steam engine” shaped barbecue which has languished in the roundhouse for some years.

Resurrected by members Serge Sequen and Adrian Duffy, with assistance from Ross Allen, Serge and Adrian organised a highly successful “sausage sizzle” to provide variety for our hungry visitors and to relieve some pressure from our hard working shop staff.

This offer will be available on selected open days.
Photo: Keith Ward
12. Membership Report
At present we have 111 financial members. If you have not received your 2016 membership card please consider renewing your membership.

Membership forms are available online at – and click on the VHLDHM membership form [PDF] on the right hand side of the page.

If you need a renewal form and do not have access to a computer, ring me on (02) 4751 2471 and I’ll post you one.

New Members at Valley Heights

The following folk have recently joined our VHLDHM – a hearty welcome to you all from all members and the Committee.
  • David Wainwright
  • Jeffrey McClenaughan
  • Suzy King
  • Geoff Quayle

Tour of the Depot

Any members who would like a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Depot are invited to contact me and we can organise a suitable time – a tour takes about an hour (could be longer – depending upon interests).

Work Hours

There are always plenty of things to do at the Depot – feel very welcome to drop in and lend a hand – the Depot is usually open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

We are open to the public on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and the Retirees’ group meets during the week after the second Saturday.

Each volunteer signs on (and off) each time they do work at the Depot.

The following table details the numbers of hours spent on the various jobs at the Depot for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Wow! What a tremendous effort!
Administration (and meetings)
Exhibits (all exhibits, library, cataloguing)
Model Railway
Retail (Open Days, shop)
Publicity (including special tours)
Services (water, elect, fire, etc.)
TOTAL                               Approx:
Jeff Russell, Membership Officer VHLDHM
13. Publicity report
  • Member Sam Wyatt, with input from Andrew Tester, has creatively edited his footage for the 10 second video being prepared for the joint promotion of the GBM Heritage Trail. Andrew has submitted the finished work to BMACHO as an incentive to other groups to complete their offering. There is also a 50-second extended version which will be used in other ways. Both versions are a credit to Sam and present the Museum in an interesting and lively way and can be viewed in the links on the Museum website.

    Sam recently headed overseas for an extended sojourn and will be sorely missed by the Museum, especially for his great work on the 4601 restoration team and for his photography skills. We send Sam our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable, and probably life-changing, experience! He’s already changed British history by having his birthday on “BREXIT” day!
  • We were approached by Kingswood Public School regarding the donation of a prize for their annual fundraising event, along an Olympic theme in August. A family pass has been sent along with some promotional material for their newsletter.
  • Ray Beharrell, Model Railway Manager, has been on the case and gained valuable publicity for the TBDO at St Marys. See his good work below!
St Marys image 1
Photos: Ray Beharrell
  • We have been working with David Bennett, Marketing Manager at Head Office, to reinvent our 6 page trifold brochure. This project is now complete and the finished product should hit the streets during July. A sneak preview is shown in the thumbnails below.
Brochure cover
Brochure inside
  • Raffles – with great support from our sponsors, past and newly acquired, we have been able to attract prizes valued at over $1,000 for this year’s raffle. 1,500 tickets have been printed and are available NOW. As in past years, the raffle will be drawn by “Santa” in December. Please let a committee member know if you can sell some tickets in the next few months. This isn’t difficult and is a good way to meet your neighbours or make new friends! With 10 prizes, it’s only a 150 to 1 chance, & being a “Winner’s Choice”, the holders of drawn tickets choose their prize in turn.
Raffle ticket

Keith Ward, Publicity Manager VHLDHM

14. Future Happenings
The welcome return of the Valley Heights Mixed is expected on Sunday 28 August, following good progress on replacing the last third of Stevo’s boiler tubes. Our friends at STARPS tell us that the next replacement might be well after some of us have entered the great Roundhouse in the sky!

A glimpse over the horizon into September’s calendar sees the prospect of mainline steam return to “The Valley”. Head Office has provisionally scheduled a steam event for the 17 and/or 18 September utilising loco 3642. Following the conditional success of a similar event in 2014 we are keen to negotiate a better outcome for Valley Heights and delivery of visitors directly to the Museum may be a possibility. At this early stage, there are many factors to be considered and we have a lot of organising and management decisions to make. Watch this space!
2016 Annual General Meeting
The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum will be held:

11am Saturday 12 November 2016

Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum, Tusculum Road, Valley Heights

Special dates

Sun 24 July
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Sun 14 August
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Mon 15 August
Retirees week to Fri 19

Sun 28 August
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed relaunch]

Sun 04 September
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Sun 11 September
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Mon 12 September
Retirees week to Fri 16

Sat 17 September
Open day – Steam event (TBC)

Sun 25 September
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed]

Sat 01 October
Special Open Day for Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail (BMACHO) [NO RIDES]

Sun 09 October
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Mon 10 October
Retirees week to Fri 14

Sun 23 October
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed]

Sat 12 November
Annual General Meeting

Sun 13 November
Open day [with Steam Tram]

Sat 19 November

Sun 27 November
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed]


LHS Local Hire Shop card
Austrains logo
Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters logo
On Track Models logo

We wish to thank our other important sponsors:

  • Bunnings Hardware, Valley Heights
  • Jenolan Caves
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park, Doonside
  • Richard Butcher, author
  • Blooms the Chemist, Springwood
  • Springwood Historical Society
  • Turning Page Bookshop, Springwood
  • Abcoe, Penrith
  • Macquarie Road Auto Repairs, Springwood
  • Headway Hair, Springwood
  • Scenic World, Katoomba
  • Royal Hotel, Springwood
  • Mac’s Daks Menswear, Springwood
  • Hunter Shoes, Springwood
  • Coles, Winmalee
  • Signwave, Penrith
  • Terrys Truck Hire, Springwood

Publicity Manager’s Trivia Quiz Corner

What is the significant link between one of the larger exhibits at VHLDHM and September 26th 1855?

Depot Diary 113 Trivia Quiz answer :
Arnott’s Biscuits (General Regulations Appendix March 1st 1945 Part 1 Reg. No 44 “Riding in Brake Vans” (vii) p36)
Check the question at Depot Diary 113
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