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No 113 — April 2016
5711 keeps a watchful eye...
5711 keeps a watchful eye on progress –
see Proposed Fettlers Shed preparation report
(Photo: Keith Ward)

In this edition

1.   An update from your Chairman
2.   4601 technical work
3.   Special events
4.   Visitors to Valley Heights
5.   Workshop equipment updated
6.   Proposed Fettlers Shed preparation
7.   46 class maintenance board
8.   X206 update
9.   New items in Museum Shop
10. Retirees Group
11. Steam tram to operate on main line?
12. Lawson Station Sesquicentenary
13. 2016 membership
14. Odds and ends
15. Future Happenings
“The Valley” in a state of excitement!
Welcome again to your window on the goings on at the “Blue Mountains Best Railway Museum”! It’s been a relatively quiet three months, but some important highlights to report and lots planned for the coming period. Several members of your committee have now added their input to the Diary, including an interesting insight from our Chairman, Bruce Coxon.

Work is progressing on many fronts, with projects both large and small gaining traction. The weather has been difficult at times, with outdoor activities being curtailed due to the late spell of sustained heat. Despite that, significant mileposts have been reached with trackwork continuing to restore the crossover and a good start has been made on preparing the foundations for the Fettlers Shed, which is awaiting final sign off from council. Work is proceeding on our diesel tractor, X206, to make it “better than new” and many of the minor defects are being rectified.

Once again, this edition concludes with another quiz question for your enjoyment (or bafflement!)

Keith Ward, Publicity Manager VHLDHM
1. An update from your Chairman
2016 is moving on very quickly and so has your team in progressing many major projects and events.

It is important to realise that your museum has three major components to its operation including:
  • Functions designed to bring in badly needed income. These functions include our normal open days, twice per month, special events such as the hugely successful 2015 Teddy Bears Day Out which saw record numbers and visits by special interest groups including car clubs, Probus, walking groups etc. To make these functions successful, committee members including your treasurer and the retail & publicity managers amongst others, work tirelessly to keep them going.
  • The second major component of our operation is our maintenance work. Run by our Retirees Group and our Tuesday/Wednesday workers, essential maintenance is carried out on Perway, Buildings, plant including diesel tractor X206 and grounds. Of special mention here is the work done to completely refurbish our failed Sewer System. We obtained funding from THNSW after extensive quotations were received. This project was recently completed at a cost of over $30,000 and guarantees we can provide for our many visitors. The X206 has been a major acquisition for us and will be of valuable assistance by providing motive power on days of high fire risk. The maintenance team has spent many hours to get this unit running smoothly. We then used the services of a qualified driver to provide us with some driver familiarisation in preparation for us obtaining our driving qualifications. The unit is also being accredited to run in the depot with the Rail Safety Regulator.
The popular Teddy Bears Day Out is on again this year
X206 unloading
Photos: Keith Ward
  • The third component is what I call Major Projects which is where I spend most of my time. We have been particularly busy this last 14 months advancing these projects including:
  • A fettlers shed to house our Fettlers’ vehicles and equipment has been on the radar for many years. Recently we received approval from RailCorp and the Heritage Council of NSW to re-establish this shed. Planning is well underway and we hope to finish construction later this year. The building is located directly behind our fire shed and will be used to house and display our valuable trikes etc. that are currently spread around the roundhouse.
  • Along with the Retirees Group, we have applied for a “Stronger Communities” grant through our local Federal Member, Louise Markus, to refurbish our ageing meal room. A completely new floor will be laid, new kitchen and facilities added to use this room as our training room. We should hear if we are successful around June this year.
  • The centre piece of our museum is of course our 103 year old Roundhouse. A number of timber structural components have deteriorated requiring us to install temporary steel supports to ensure visitor and volunteer safety. A quotation from a Heritage Builder has been obtained for the restoration of these timbers and submitted to THNSW. This project will be very expensive and is still under discussion.
  • The RailCorp Civil Depot adjacent to our museum near the station was vacated by RailCorp a number of years ago. This site has a number of structures on it including a 4 door storage shed that is ideal for us to establish storage for our plant and equipment including tractors and perway equipment. I am writing to RailCorp now expressing our interest and need to add this site to our museum. All negotiations like this are protracted and time consuming but if we are fortunate to obtain these premises then it's worth it.
  • Discussions are also current with regards to replacing the failed fencing around the site. Again this is very expensive and involves a number of organisations including Sydney Trains, RailCorp and THNSW. However protecting our assets is a major concern.

These are just some of the day to day things that keep your committee and volunteers busy. So it is pertinent to mention our Members Information day that you should have been invited to by now on Saturday the 14th of May starting at 11:15 or earlier if you wish to look around. I would encourage you to come along to this event and see first hand these major works and perhaps see how you can become more involved?

We are always looking for more hands on volunteers as we suffered a major blow to our team this year with our Large Exhibits Manager, Rod Hawkes leaving us. As you would be aware, Rod has been instrumental in restoring 3214, 5461, 4601 and the stunning RBR carriage. We wish Rod well and invite him back to Valley Heights when he has the time.

If you are a very practical person and have knowledge of locomotive and carriage restoration please get in touch with me as at present we have a number of projects available. These include timber bodied 4 wheel wagons and painting and line marking to 3214.

We have been very fortunate to welcome Mike Pensini to our management team as the new Small Exhibits Curator taking over from myself. Mike is a very hands on person and a member of our Retirees Group. We are very lucky to have him on board and look forward to his fresh ideas on the conservation and display of our many small exhibits.

In closing, I would like to thank our local representatives: State Member, Trish Doyle; Federal Member, Louise Markus and the Blue Mountains City Council for their continued support. Our new CEO of THNSW, Andrew Moritz and his team also continue to assist us and we are very grateful to all of these people!

Well that’s all for now! I hope to see you at the member’s day for a chat.

Bruce Coxon, Chairman VHLDHM
Aerial photo showing disused RailCorp Civil Depot (Image courtesy Google Earth)
Aerial photo showing disused RailCorp Civil Depot
(Image courtesy Google Earth)
2. 4601 technical work — April 2016
There are two areas of activity presently under way:
  • developing an interface between a PC based train simulator and the 46 class controls, and
  • tidying up the wiring the No. 1 end high tension compartment.

Train simulator

For the train simulator, the plan is to interface the driver’s controls to a train simulator running on a PC, with a screen in front of the driver’s seat. Work is progressing slowly, but steadily. The plan is to use a modified USB keyboard to connect directly to the computer, then an interface board to connect the modified keyboard to the 46’s controls. After trying a number of ideas which didn’t work, a method of modifying a keyboard has finally been developed, using small bolts to connect to tracks on the key membrane (see picture below).
Modified USB Keyboard
Modified USB Keyboard  (Photo: Steve Corrigan)
The next trick is to interface this to the 46 class controls. The logic of the 46 class controls is very different to the train simulator software. A “proof of concept” prototype board has been tested successfully with the 46’s accelerating handle. The prototype only handles two notches (the 46 has 25 notches), and does not do braking, but at least it proves that the concept works.
Proof of Concept Prototype Interface Board Connected to the 46 Class Controls
Proof of Concept Prototype Interface Board Connected to the 46 Class Controls
(Photo: Steve Corrigan)

Tidying up the wiring

The other task, tidying up the No. 1 end wiring is progressing slowly. Most of the wires were originally connected to “interlock” units, all of which are missing from the No. 1 end (the interlocks are the “brains” of the control system, they contain the logic which ensures that everything happens in correct sequence). One interlock unit has been re-installed and connected to its wiring. The challenge now is going to be finding or cobbling together enough units to tidy up the rest of the wiring.
Proof of Concept Prototype Interface Board Connected to the 46 Class Controls
Proof of Concept Prototype Interface Board Connected to the 46 Class Controls
(Photo: Steve Corrigan)
Steve Corrigan
3237 on Lake Cargelligo tour at Cootamundra
3237 preparing to leave Cootamundra for Lake Cargelligo, 05:30 am 19 March
(Photo: Grant Robinson)
3. Special events

Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail

The year started with our contribution to the Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail (GBMHT) on January 2nd, as a member of BMACHO (Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations). We again opened our doors on a Saturday, this time without the bonus of rides for our visitors to enjoy. Despite a hot day, we managed to persuade attract enough visitors to make it worthwhile. As these were nearly all newcomers, it was a bonus for us and helps to spread the word to a wider audience. As we all know, new concepts like GBMHT take a while to bear fruit. Until we have some year-on-year statistics to evaluate we won’t really know if this concept is gaining traction.

On Saturday April 2nd, we again opened as part of our contribution to the Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail. Although this concept is still in its infancy, only a tiny proportion of visitors on the day mentioned the GBMHT publicity as the motivator for their visit but nearly a third identified our street signage as the reason. Several guests identified the National Trust Heritage Festival magazine as their inspiration. In a variation from our data collected in past years, a greater proportion of visitors came from outside the Blue Mountains area on this day.

Valentine's Day

February 14th was the opportunity for the Museum to attract additional patronage for the rare occurrence of our regular Open Day coinciding with Valentine’s Day. The Steam Tram was duly decorated with red & pink balloons and our lady visitors enjoyed free admission as well as a complimentary chocolate heart!
Valentines Day flyer
Valentine's Day flyer

Trains Trams and Ts

The weekend of the 27th/28th February brought new life to the museum with the return of the popular “Trains, Trams & Ts” event as part of the “Roaring 20s & All That Jazz” Festival held across the Mountains.

A wonderful line-up of activities included: a stunning 3 hour performance of sultry jazz classics by local trio, “The Blue Velvets”; and on the Sunday, a return visit by Southern Highlands based visual artist, Celeste Coucke, who, assisted by Ann Frederick from Thirlmere, encouraged visitors and members alike to create a piece of history by making clay impressions of an early railway artefact. 8,447 of these are being created as part of the “Lives on The Line” project to commemorate the 8,447 railwaymen from NSW who enlisted for WWI. The fired pieces will become a permanent memorial set into the floor at Thirlmere.

Over both days, visitors and members were encouraged to “dress up” for our period costume competition. Member, Sam Wyatt was on hand to take posed shots of the entrants in front of the Tram and prizes were awarded in four categories by our visitor, Celeste, on Sunday.

Everyone was enthralled by the display and demonstration by the Sydney Morsecodians and young children enjoyed taking part in the Old School Classroom Re-enactment, kindly conducted by the Nepean District Historical Society.

Of course our “TTT” event wouldn’t be complete without the visiting Model “T” Fords and some grand old-timers from the era (cars not volunteers!) were on colourful display on the forecourt on both days.

By the way, the band has provisionally agreed to perform again next year.
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #1
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #2
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #3
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #4
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #5
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 #6
Trains Trams and Ts 2016 (Photos: Sam Wyatt)


Mid-week events, although needing extra planning and volunteer support, are always welcome. Valley Heights is the perfect site for special interest groups and attractive rates can be negotiated for birthday parties, wedding photography, film shoots, and so on. Please contact Keith Ward at the Museum on (02) 4751 4638 (leave message) if you know anyone who might be interested.

4. Visitors to Valley Heights

Special visitors

The new THNSW CEO, Andrew Moritz, made his first visit to the Museum on Monday February 8th and joined committee members, patrons, life and honorary members for an informal introduction and Q & A session. Andrew spoke well and passionately about his past life and his impressive job credentials. The CEO enjoyed a light lunch before a site tour with our Chairman, Bruce Coxon, and a select group. This gave Andrew a first-hand experience of the successes and challenges at Valley Heights and Bruce was able to outline the major projects on our agenda.

Thursday 7th April was the date of a pre-arranged visit by two rail buffs from the UK, Derek & Dorothy Rayner, accompanied by Ray Gardiner, a friend of theirs and driver for Sydney Trains. Derek had a long career with British Rail in many capacities, mainly on the east coast line, and his wife also worked for BR. Derek is a regular contributor to a magazine called “Old Glory”, which focusses on all steam related matters, including stationary & traction engines, and he is the proud owner of one of the latter. Derek has promised an article covering their visit to VH in a future issue.
Old Glory cover

Guests with special needs

Continuing our tradition of caring for those less able, the Museum has recently entertained some visitors in that category.
  • On 14th February we hosted a young man from Canada who, accompanied by his family, made a special visit to the Museum. We had been advised of his trip some 6 months in advance and the Museum’s volunteers were on hand to make his excursion a memorable one.
  • Sunday 10th April saw the long-awaited visit of a young mum from the western suburbs with her son who suffers from a rare disease. As the result of an initiative by member Barry Grundy, contact was made with the Daily Telegraph, which ran a story on the family last year. Noting that he was a great railway fan, the Museum arranged a family pass for them and they had front row seats on the Tramcar during their visit. A great day was had by all!
  • On Thursday May 5th we will open our doors to a group of frail aged and disabled visitors from the Bathurst/Oberon region, serving morning teas and providing guided tours.

Other group visits

In early January, VHLDHM hosted a group from the Noiseworks Out of School Hours (OOSH) centre at Blaxland. A group of 20 children aged from 6 to 12 were met at Valley Heights station following their short train trip & escorted to and from the Museum by Andrew Tester & Jeff Russell who also ran guided tours. Another hot day was successfully negotiated by all concerned.

Wednesday 16th March saw the Museum host the Probus Club of Bathurst. Over 30 visitors enjoyed their morning tea and guided tour, capably and entertainingly conducted by Jeff Russell and Grant Robinson. Our thanks go to them and also Bruce Coxon, Ted Dickson, Ray Beharrell, Mike Pensini, Ted Mullett, Henk Luf and Eileen Ward who assisted before, during or after the event. We received a lovely thank you note from their President that is now on our website.

Car club visits

A transfer was successfully carried out by honorary member Chris Hundt and his truck, with the assistance of Ted Dickson & Terry Matchett to relocate our surplus display cabinets to Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway (OTHR). In return, we were able to improve our workshop facilities with the delivery of a bender, lathe & grinder that are being spruced up by member Michael Jessop.

RAC Motoring Club joined our regular Open Day activities on April 10th. With 15 cars and nearly 30 extra guests on site, they provided a classy addition to the day. Marques spotted included Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Rover and Daimler amongst others. The visitors came complete with their own chef who prepared lunch on our gas barbecues. Guided tours in two groups were included in their package and we gained some great feedback on the success of the day. Several of our RAC visitors are keen to bring other car clubs (including the “Rollers”), of which they are members.

This day was also the first of our special offer for seniors, with a “One–for–One” deal entitling seniors accompanied by a full “fare-paying” visitor to free admittance. Even without the car club, our visitor numbers were well above average for this day, and shop sales were also high.
RAC car club #1
RAC car club #2
RAC Car Club visit 10 April 2016. Photos: Keith Ward
5. Workshop equipment updated
A transfer was successfully carried out by honorary member Chris Hundt and his truck, with the assistance of Ted Dickson & Terry Matchett to relocate our surplus display cabinets to Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway (OTHR). In return, we were able to improve our workshop facilities with the delivery of a bender, lathe & grinder that are being spruced up by member Michael Jessop.

The floor mounted grinder, after the grinding wheels have been replaced as required, will be set-up in the carriage shed.

The MIG Welder, purchased at auction, will be located in the Carriage shed after some repairs. This unit will be brought into service with the help of Ralph Boesel and used on the rebuild of the Tank Locomotives.

Terry Matchett, Workshop Manager
 Grinder under rejuvenation
Grinder under rejuvenation (Photo: Keith Ward) 


The centenary of this line will be celebrated in October 2016. Tottenham Historical Society is seeking memorabilia and/or photos to compile a history of this line. Contact

Work Health and Safety: the latest in signage at Stockinbingal
(Photo: Grant Robinson)
6. Proposed Fettlers Shed preparation
Concrete slabs have been moved into place to provide the widened pathway beside the fire shed. These have been covered with ash as a temporary measure and may be covered with concrete if necessary. This will extend over the existing bitumen to within 125 mm of the fire shed wall. The gap is being left to provide

drainage and to prevent the lower edge of the wall cladding being in contact with damp concrete. The area between the arrival and departure roads in front of the proposed fettlers shed has been levelled to provide machine access and a work area for cutting and drilling rails for the shed frame.

John Stanley, Per Way Manager
Concrete slabs adjacent to fire equipment shed
Concrete slabs adjacent to fire equipment shed
Concrete sleepers in place for fettlers shed
Concrete sleepers in place for fettlers shed
Rails for fettlers shed frame and cutting area
Rails for fettlers shed frame and cutting area
Photos: Keith Ward
7. 46 class maintenance board
A team led by member Serge Sequen along with the retirees group has begun restoring the 46 class maintenance board. This huge exhibit presents a number of curatorial challenges. The teams have started to glue the cracked section of the board together, cleaned it and started to re chalk the rostered job entries. Some time ago, the camera of Rudi Glajcar captured the original markings to assist with the recreation. On completion, the board will be covered with a clear protective sheet and mounted on the rear wall of the roundhouse behind 4601. Another fascinating exhibit takes shape!

Michael Pensini, Small Exhibits Curator’s Report
8. X206 update
  • Additional driver familiarization running has shown that the drivers No 4 brake valve is now operating correctly
  • The increase in engine idle speed appears to have cured the stalling problems with no stalling encountered during the familiarization running with a number of different drivers and multiple changes of direction.
  • The forward /reverse control is still proving troublesome but operation can be maintained if the system is bled before running and hydraulic pressure maintained during running by use of the M unit.
  • A lift off cover has been manufactured and installed over the batteries. This doubles as a step to access the driver’s side windscreen.
  • New hinges have been fitted to the ventilation hatches both sides of the cab.
  • The Main Air Receivers have been high pressure water cleaned, removing sludge build-up and rust scale. A rust converter & sealing compound has been purchased and an applicator is being constructed to spray the inside surfaces.
Terry Matchett and John Stanley
9. New items in Museum Shop
Following a recommendation by shop volunteer Robyn Cooper, we are now stocking two attractive children’s books “Look Inside Trains” and “See Inside Trains”. Our initial stock sold extremely well and more copies have been ordered. A great gift for your younger family members or friends kids at only $20 each.

On a recent visit, Peter Kahn from the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus, suggested that we restock two books for sale on consignment, namely “NSW Tramcar Handbook Part 2” and “Steaming Down Argent Street”. These are both great resources for your home library!

Steve Corrigan, Retail Manager
Look Inside Trains cover
10. Retirees Group
The Retirees meeting during the week after the second Saturday of the month from 8am to 3pm. Volunteers arrive and leave as their circumstances permit. We have kept ourselves busy with the following tasks.
  • Stripping the paint off an old station seat, re-bolting the slats and painting it.
  • Helping in the setting out of the foundations of the new Fettlers’ Shed.
  • Cleaning out broken concrete in the lunchroom and re-cementing same.
  • Repairing the ceiling in the in lunchroom and placing trim round the skylights.
  • Drawing up plans for a refurbished lunchroom and submitting an application for a grant to carry out the job. (Fingers crossed!)
  • Started the refurbishment of an old phone box. It is rumoured this is being done to allow the retirees to change their clothes in the phone box – after which they will be able to leap in a single bound over a piece of 3 by 2 – all executed within Work Health and Safety guidelines and, of course, with great grace!!!
Jeff Russell, Membership Officer VHLDHM
11. Steam tram to operate Valley Heights to Springwood shuttle?
A number of members read the following in the Blue Mountains Gazette on Wed March 30.
STEAM TRAM RIDE - scanned copy of letter to editor in BM Gazette
Only after a desperate call to the Publicity Manager, did I notice the date of the proposed talks.

Grant Robinson, Depot Diary Editor
12. Lawson Station Sesquicentenary
Andrew Tester & Keith Ward had a meeting with two representatives (Julius Timmerman & Ms Erst Carmichael) from the lobby group ACMMR (Association of Concerned Mid-Mountains Residents) as a follow up from the session Ted Dickson & Keith had with two others from that group last year. We outlined a range of some available options and also have sent them a flowchart to assist with their planning. There may not be any direct benefit to our Museum from this project, unless THNSW, for example, takes it on as a wider ranging event for mid-2017. We also emphasised that we’re only acting as facilitators at this stage, and any actual negotiations will ultimately be done by ACMMR on their own behalf.
13. Valley Heights Loco Depot Heritage Museum 2016 Membership
At present we have 97 financial members. If you have not received your 2016 membership card please consider renewing your membership. Membership forms are available online at  and click on VHLDHM membership form [PDF] on the right hand side of the page.

If you need a renewal form and do not have access to a computer ring me on 4751 2471 and I’ll post you one.

Members Day 14 May 2016

Members can also attend the Members’ Day on Saturday, 14th May, 2016. Our Chairman will address the meeting about developments and a tour of the Depot will be available after lunch. If you are planning to come to that meeting you must let me know – for catering purposes.

New Members at Valley Heights

The following folk have recently joined our VHLDHM – a hearty welcome to you all from all members and the Committee.
  • Anderson, Ellen
  • Austin, David
  • Curry, Malcolm
  • Gjerde, Jamien
  • Glass, John
  • King, David
  • Renner, Matthew
  • Schwarz, Gary
  • Schwarz, Wilbur
  • Smith, John
  • Stuart, James
  • Vander Heiden, Ray
  • Wallace, Raymond
  • Wyatt, James

Tour of the Depot

Any members who are unfamiliar with all aspects of the Depot are invited to contact me and we can have a tour of the Depot – this takes about an hour.

Work Hours

Each volunteer signs on (and off) each time they do work at the Depot. Below is a summary of the hours worked for the January to March period of 2015. Keep in mind that January is a bit of a slow month as the Depot is closed on more days than usual and volunteers often have other commitments over the Christmas period. Hours that members spend on Depot business at home or offsite should be advised to the Membership Officer for inclusion in your monthly total. Don't forget!

There are always plenty of things to do at the Depot – feel very welcome to drop in and lend a hand – the Depot is usually open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. We are open to the public on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and the Retirees’ group meets during the week after the second Saturday.
Work Hours
Administration 274
Buildings 497
Cataloguing exhibits 326
Exhibits (small and large) 340
Fire Services  29
Grounds 602
Library  85
Meetings 178
Miscellaneous 241
Model Railway  58
Open Days and Tours 495
Perway 751
Publicity 160
Services (water, electricity, etc.)  75
Workshop 188
X200 Diesel 335
TOTAL Approx. 4,640
Jeff Russell, Membership Officer VHLDHM
14. Odds and ends


We have supplied a quantity of our printed material to the Visitor Information Centres at Glenbrook & Katoomba. As we are still working with Head Office to deliver an updated tri-fold leaflet, we used a low cost DL size (99 x 210 mm) leaflet to fill the gap. We are also working with the VIC to engage with them on future promotions and events.

The Museum is now listed on the Get in Now website as part of our membership of BMATA (Blue Mountains Accommodation & Tourism Association) (see screen shot)
Get In NOW blue mountains
Following the February meeting of the Committee of BMACHO (Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations) held at the Museum, it was agreed that Members participating in the Heritage Trail would each generate a 10 second video clip, that will be edited into a combined effort to be posted on YouTube and to the websites of BMACHO & members, plus media outlets etc. Andrew Tester has agreed to oversee the production of this which was filmed by member Sam Wyatt early on Sunday 10/4.

Plans are underway for our 10 minute presentation on the RBR at the Blue Mountains History Conference under the auspices of BMACHO at Mt Victoria on Saturday 7th May. Our “Caves Express” carriage of course has a strong connection with Mt Victoria and will be an opportunity for us to showcase our Museum in front of a discerning audience. We are hoping to have a “trade table” at the conference and Steve Corrigan has offered to recommend some retail items that we can sell on the day.

We have received more good written feedback from some of our visitors and their comments have been added to the testimonials section of our website. If you haven’t looked recently, check out what others say about the good work that you do!


We have received from the Powerhouse Museum two copies of their great resource “All Is Not Lost” (The Collection Recovery Book) that deals with restoration of exhibits damaged by fire and/or water etc. This is of course also relevant to householders. We also have two copies of their “Safe in the Shed” publication which deals with the preservation and curating of farm machinery, but has many parallels with our experiences here. One of each will be held in the library, with the spares available for loan if anyone’s interested?

Street signage

As noted elsewhere, many of our guests nominate this form of advertising as the one that persuades them to visit, so we want to upgrade their look and functionality and also improve the professional image that we are trying to present. A quote has been requested from Signwave at Penrith, with a view to obtaining others, before a submission to Head Office for funding.

Submitted by long standing member, Nick Hill:

Lot 6 Cambridge Place
Valley Heights

Town Clerk
Blue Mountains City Council

Would Council please take some action regarding the menace of the horses belonging to Mr. Rivia of Green Parade, Valley Heights. The horses numbering 4 or 5 plus sheep, are constantly on the street. They enter private property causeing damage to gardens and shrubs.

They are a danger to pedestriarns particularly to young children and mortorist at night.

Also the fact that hepatitis is prevalent in the district at the present time. With the summer months not so far away. It is hardly the right thing to have so many animals in a residential area.

This matter has been brought to the notice of the Pound-Keeper, helath Inspector and the local Police on several occasions but apparently Mr Rivia treats them all with utter contempt. Hoping Council will take some immediate action in this matter now that has been brought to Councils notice.

Yours faithfully
J.M. Hill
NOTE: This letter from J. M. Hill (District Locomotive Engineer at VH in the 1960s) is copied verbatim.
15. Future Happenings

Teddy Bears Day Out

Our new annual event, the “Teddy Bears Day Out” is again on the calendar for Sunday 22nd May. Activities will be similar to last year, with the running of the “Teddy Bears Express”, the jumping castle and “Gummi Bears” for the kids!

Upcoming visits

Pamela Smith from Blacktown Historical Society, known to some of you as co-author of the “Remembrance” book, who spoke at the unveiling of our Honour Board last year, is keen to bring about 25 of their members on the afternoon of Sunday 29th May, which is NOT a normal Open Day. We plan to offer an extended guided tour and afternoon (Devonshire) tea. We are hoping that members of Springwood Historical Society will assist and also network with the visitors.

Sunday 12th June will see about 18 cars and 36 visitors arrive on our regular Open Day from the MG Restorers Association.

We have a confirmed visit by the Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society (KCHS) on the afternoon of Wednesday 15th June. That morning, we are hosting about 50 members of the Rail, Tram & Bus Union Retired Employees Association (RTBUREA) This means that we have enough (60+ adults) to offer Steam Tram rides. As the RTBUREA visitors are from our industry, we have a good opportunity to showcase our steam exhibits, and the historical relevance will obviously appeal to the group from Kurrajong as well. Devonshire Teas and guided tours will be included for both groups.

The last Open Day of the financial year (Sunday 26th June) provides the opportunity for about 24 members of the Austin A40 Car Club to bring their 12 or so cars to grace the forecourt of the roundhouse. We are again offering morning teas and guided tours for this group. 

We are currently negotiating with the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, who would like to bring 40-50 members in early July. They have offered to give a talk on railway clocks as they already have a connection with us via the Seth Thomas clock in the shop. As it would be on a normal Open Day we would be able to publicise it generally. If this goes ahead, please make sure you have time to come along. If you don’t turn up you might get a ticking off.

Special dates

Sun 8 May
Closed (Mothers' Day)
Sat 14 May
Members Day
Sun 22 May
“Teddy Bears Day Out” – a return of this popular event is a highlight of the year [with Steam Tram]
Sun 29 May
Blacktown Historical Society (note we are not open to the public this day)
Sun 12 June
Open day [with Steam Tram] – visit by MG Restorers Association
Wed 15 June
Rail Tram and Bus Union retired employees association (AM)
Kurrajong Historical Society (PM)
— a rare chance to see the Tram operating midweek!
Sun 26 June
Open Day
– visit by Austin A40 Club [with Valley Hts Mixed]
– STOP PRESS! Hudson/AMC Car Club also to appear this day
Sat 2 July
Special Open Day for Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail (BMACHO) [NO RIDES]
Sun 10 July
Open day -- Nat. Assn. Watch & Clock Collectors. RAILWAY CLOCK TALK (TBC) [with Steam Tram]
Sun 24 July
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed]
Sun 14 August
Open day [with Steam Tram]
Sun 28 August
Open day [with Valley Hts Mixed]
3237 taking water at Ungarie on the Lake Cargelligo tour on 19 March 2016
3237 taking water at Ungarie on the Lake Cargelligo tour on 19 March 2016
(Photo: Grant Robinson).


LHS Local Hire Shop card
Austrains logo
Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters logo
On Track Models logo

We wish to thank our other important sponsors:

  • Bunnings Hardware, Valley Heights
  • Jenolan Caves
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park, Doonside
  • Richard Butcher, author
  • Blooms the Chemist, Springwood
  • Springwood Historical Society
  • Turning Page Bookshop, Springwood
  • Abcoe, Penrith
  • Macquarie Road Auto Repairs, Springwood
  • Headway Hair, Springwood
  • Scenic World, Katoomba
  • Royal Hotel, Springwood
  • Mac’s Daks Menswear, Springwood
  • Hunter Shoes, Springwood
  • Coles, Winmalee
  • Signwave, Penrith
  • Terrys Truck Hire, Springwood

Publicity Manager’s Trivia Quiz Corner

Which Australian manufacturer had special permission for its employees to travel in the Guard’s compartment of brake vans in the 1940s?

Depot Diary 112 Trivia Quiz answer :
Sheffield Park was named after the 3rd Earl of Sheffield, as was the Sheffield Shield interstate cricket competition in Australia
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